HSO wins a place on the UK’s Best Workplaces™ ranking

Microsoft Dynamics HSO BPTW

This is the 2nd consecutive year that HSO has achieved this honour which recognises HSO as having a high trust, engaged workplace culture. This is the driving force behind our ability to attract and retain talent which helps drive our business success.

The methodology behind the ranking is one of the most rigorous available and uniquely comprises both an employee survey and an audit into our organisation’s management and HR practices. The award recognises the strength of our leadership and the range of innovative, creative and effective HR policies we have which creates our successful workplace culture.

‘Our culture at HSO is built around mutual trust and empowering our employees,’ said David Little, Managing Director, HSO Enterprise Solutions. ‘Our commitment to upholding these values, encouraging our employees to share their valuable opinions and ideas as well creating a fun place to work, creates the foundation for our Best Workplace culture.’

Tom O’Byrne, Great Place to Work® CEO said: ‘We are delighted to see HSO on our Best Workplaces™ list again this year. It is a validation of the strength of their leadership and their commitment to creating the kind of culture which attracts and retains the best talent and where people have pride in what they do and want to do their best. The hallmark of a great workplace like HSO is that their policies and practices are designed around the employee; this employee focus helps attract and retain the talent essential for driving and sustaining competitive performance. It is no coincidence that high trust organisations like HSO also tend to perform better than their peers.’