Life at HSO

It could be perfect for you.

With a multinational footprint, HSO is a rapidly expanding. We are proud of and place great efforts in upholding our superb level of service, to customers who operate within multiple market sectors. It's a brilliant time to get involved.

"HSO have created a culture that instills a deep sense of comradeship, and support is there whenever and however you need it!"

We have offices around the world:  Netherlands, UK, Germany, USA, Malaysia and Singapore, connected by our dedicated International Team, uniting HSO local markets and customers on multi-country Microsoft Dynamics AX and CRM projects.

The HSO Team Ethos

We don't just want you to join HSO,  we want you to stay! We don’t want you to have a job with us; we want you to have a career with us.

"I think there is genuine mutual respect between management and non-management."

We are ambitious to continue to be a world class implementation company.  Our people are ambitious for the company too.  And they are ambitious for themselves.  We’ll hire you not just because of where you’ve been and what you’ve done, but of where you can go and what you can do in the future.

HSO is a leader in mentoring our people across every stage of their career.  We want to understand what you’re good at, what you’d like to improve upon; where you want to get to in the future and then we’ll equip you to do it all and do it better. We invest in our people and their work skills; this investment has shown to be wholly worthwhile for us and leads to significant advantage for our customers.

Everyone Makes a Difference 

We have a reasonably flat structure, so everyone has access to the top levels with ideas and innovations; how we can do things better, faster and in a more efficient way.

" A team that works together sensibly for a common goal, whilst putting the customer first."

We have regular updates across the company so that everyone knows how the business is doing; where we are headed and it keeps us all focused and excited.  Many of our consultants and project managers work on customer site or from home or remote locations for some of the days of the week, and it’s important to keep them feeling that they are still part of a company.  There are regular Company days for getting together to meet and spend time in a more relaxed atmosphere.